Next Club Meeting :  Thursday November 12, 2015 at 7pm at Canyon Middle School, Castro Valley, CA 


** 2015/16 Youth and Adult Enrollment is NOW OPEN  - Click Here to Enroll

  • ** You MUST enroll online BEFORE we will accept medical forms or fees.  We will continue to collect medical forms and fees at the October club meeting. Fees this year are $63 per youth and $14 per adult. 

  • Members must be "active" on 4hOnline to participate in any 4H events.  This requires 1) online enrollment 2) completion and turning in of medical form 3) payment of fees 4) verification by club staff that steps 1-3 are fully complete, and 5) county approval. 


ADULT WEBSITE ADVISOR/ADMINISTRATOR needed....  This site needs to be finished and updated.  We need an adult to take on this position to get us fully up and running as soon as possible. 




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